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The Library has approximately 600 members of all ages and many nationalities. All applications are warmly welcomed.

We are the oldest "not-for-profit" organisation in Thailand and depend for our survival on membership subcriptions, fund-raising events and sponsorship.

Individuals interested in sponsoring our activities, donating books or those who would like to get more involved with the running of the Library, please visit our Support page, above. Actively supporting the NHL can be very enjoyable and rewarding.

2013 NHL Promotion

We are pleased to announce special promotions for 2013:

1. Members of any of the following groups may sign up for a 2-year family membership and get 27 months: AMCHAM; ANZWG; AWC; Bambi; British Club; BWG; CCT and IWC.

2. All Neilson Hays Library members are eligible for 10-20% discounted rates for services at BNH Hospital. Find out more.

New Membership

Membership categories and fees vary to suit different needs, see below. Please note that the "new" category refers to books that are less than 1 year old and are therefore likely to be in high demand.

To join, please consider which membership category suits you best (options are listed below) then print and complete the Membership Application form.

You may post the form or you may prefer to bring it with you when you visit.

You may pay by cash in person but please do not mail cash. Instead use a cheque or bank transfer - kindly contact us for Library bank transfer details.

Books may be borrowed following confirmation of new membership - normally straightaway.

Membership Types and Fees

Family: 3,300THB (or 2,400THB for 6 months) entitled to 8 hardcovers at a time (including 4 books from "new" category) plus 10 paperbacks. A special 2 year offer of 5,000THB is available.

Single Adult (age 22+ years): 2,500THB (or 1,900THB for 6 months) entitled to 4 hardcovers at a time (including 2 books from "new" category) and 10 paperbacks.

Senior Citizen (age 65+ years): 1,500THB (or 1,200THB for 6 months) entitled to 4 hardcovers at a time (including 2 books from "new" category) and 10 paperbacks.

Single Child (age up to 12 years): 1,700THB (or 1,200 for 6 months) entitled to 4 children's hardcovers (including 2 books from "new" category) and 10 paperbacks.

Book Deposit

A one-off book deposit of 500THB is payable by new members (300 THB for Senior Citizens). This deposit can be reclaimed when closing membership at the Library, providing all books have been returned.

Renewing Membership

Please print and complete the Membership Renewal Form. It can be posted or brought on your next visit. Payment can be cash if in person, or if to be mailed, a cheque. Please do not mail cash. Bank transfers can be made if preferred. Please contact us for the Library's bank details.



Neilson Hays Library and Galleries: Open Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am to 5.00pm (closed Monday)